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Natural Medicine Is Holistic Healing

All can be healed in the quantum field. 

Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine and natural healing adopt an integrative stance towards cultivating health, understanding that symptoms are simply signals pointing to underlying blocks and imbalances. This approach focuses on treating the “whole person,” recognizing that true wellness transcends physical conditions to include the harmonious functioning of the body’s systems, the mind’s wellbeing, and the liberation of the spirit/energy.

All Things With Grace Makes The World A Better Place. 

Your Home For Holistic Knowledge, Education, Guidance and Community.

Higher Purpose Healing Natural Medicine Holistic Healing Machine

Natural Medicine Is Holistic Healing

All can be healed i the quantum field. 

Holistic medicine

Holistic medicine adopts an integrative approach to natural health, recognizing that symptoms serve as mere indicators of deeper issues within the body. It emphasizes treating the “whole person,” acknowledging that well-being extends beyond mere physical ailments to encompass the intricate balance of all the systems of body, the connection to the mind, and the release and freedom of the spirit/energy.

“As a physician, I turn to Matthew to fill the gaps that modern medicine does not know how to address, and I try to implement what I learn from him into my practice. He is definitely a gifted healer who knows how to harness his own energy and relay that to others. And he teaches his patients how to use our own mind/energy/power to heal ourselves. I highly recommend Matthew and the Higher Purpose Healing.”

Mamina Turegano | Medical Doctor Massage Review

Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira Higher Purpose Healing Lead Physician

Holistic Pediatrician




Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira, honored as Pediatrician of the Year and a leading thinker in women's wellness and spiritual growth, serves as the principal MD at Higher Purpose Healing®

Holistic Healer Matthew Ancira of Higher Purpose Healing®

Holistic Healer

Matthew, an intuitive Energy Healer skilled in both hands-on and hands-off techniques, brings a diverse range of holistic expertise and abilities dedicated to healing and personal development.

Enter Quantum, Access The Golden Age

We are embarking on an era marked by a profound shift in human aspirations—towards deeper connectedness, enhanced understanding, meaningful compromise, and the pursuit of improved mental health and healing for our generational families. To realize these transformative goals, embracing a holistic perspective becomes not just beneficial but essential. This natural progression towards holistic living invites us to consider the entirety of our experiences, integrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions to foster comprehensive well-being and healing across generations.

Your Holistic Lifestyle

The lifestyle and dietary habits of our grandparents markedly differ from those of the vast majority today. The way they utilized their bodies and the foods they consumed stand in contrast to today’s practices, reflecting significant changes in how we approach nutrition and physical activity. 

Natural Healing with the Mind

The surge in biohacking popularity stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of how the body naturally maintains health. Environmental degradation, including compromised water, air quality, and food supply, undermines the efficacy of the earth’s natural remedies. Yet, the mind plays a pivotal role as the conductor in optimizing our health and enhancing our connection to all resources, offering pathways to counteract these challenges. 

Self Generate Your Power

The key focus here at higher purpose helaing is how to merge the mind and body so that the connection is seamless and the ability of self regeneration is powerful. 

Take on your healing power by learning what to do to be balanced, relaxed, and living with purpose for your self, family, and in the world.  


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Yes To Healing Every Day

The human body comprises over twelve complex systems, each performing vital life-sustaining functions through an interplay of all organs.

These systems do not operate in isolation; rather, they engage in constant communication, maintaining the body’s harmony and health.

The complexity of these interactions often surpasses the grasp of contemporary Western medicine, challenging even the most specialized practitioners to fully comprehend their nuances, much more the uneducated layman.

An example of one of the body’s systems would be the endocrine system.  

Does the endocrine system define and support the body’s immune system? 

Yes, the endocrine system houses over seven glands and organs that do more than regulate hormones. 

In eastern natural healing using holistic medicine we know that certain endocrine glands are in charge of and regulate major organs like the heart and systems like the lymphatic system.

Is surgery the best first option?

The removal of organs or glands does not solve any problems, the symptom that alarms with these misactions causes the body to work harder than it needs to in the long run. 

In all actuality the region needs space to work and is restricted or is overworking due to failed or strained systems elsewhere in the body.  

The holistic view will identify and pursue resolutions for a natural return to homeostasis.  

Knowledge is required to effectively solve the issue and injection of life force can often return function to the troubled area or system. 

The positive outcome is probable given the person’s length of time in the symptomatic condition as well as their mental state to be well. 

Everyone needs help in life however the person must first be open and desire to be well pursuing natural and holistic means


The results of modern medicine show the increase in hospitals, surgeries, and the pharma pill approach to solve dis-comforts.  Results for better health in the eastern approach demonstrates the interconnected nature of bodily functions and the importance of a holistic view in understanding health as human doing vs. doing to the human to solve dis-ease.  

Just as a house relies on essential systems like water, sewer, electric, and HVAC to provide comfort and functionality, the human body’s systems enable us to live, move, and enjoy life.

It’s only when one or more of these systems begin to falter that individuals may experience dysfunction, pain, or limitations, highlighting the pursuit or need for holistic care.

Symptoms: Clues to Underlying Issues

To truly understand and address symptoms, two key elements are required: knowledge and experience.

Knowledge entails understanding the what, where, when, and why of symptoms—what they signify, where they originate, when they occur, and why they manifest.

Experience, on the other hand, involves recognizing the variety of underlying causes across a broad population, gained through exposure to diverse conditions.

Ancient Knowledge

Natural Medicine Holistic Healing

This depth of understanding has roots stretching back thousands of years, with ancient practices from Persia, India, China, Japan, and Korea offering rich insights into natural healing.

Bridging this ancient wisdom with contemporary needs entails accessing and applying this time-tested knowledge in today’s context.

For individuals unfamiliar with holistic practices due to cultural, familial, or social reasons, the journey towards embracing natural healing often begins in response to an ailment or chronic condition.

The path to discovering effective holistic therapies and finding a skilled practitioner can be immediate for some, yet lengthy for others. The quest for healing and knowledge is a personal journey, one that underscores the importance of exposure to a wide range of holistic treatments to determine the most suitable path to individual well-being.

Holistic medicine provides a comprehensive framework for understanding health, emphasizing the importance of viewing symptoms as signals to deeper imbalances. By integrating ancient wisdom with modern practice, individuals can explore natural pathways to healing, guided by experienced practitioners who understand the intricate dance of the body’s systems. This approach not only addresses immediate concerns but also fosters long-term health and wellness, marking a transformative journey towards optimal living.

Choose Your Phase Of The Healing Process?

Select the Icons Below to Determine Your Current Phase:

Fix It, Maintenance, Growth-Upgrade, or Perfect Condition?


Issues such as persistent pain, misalignments, organ and endocrine disorders, along with relentless headaches, become more than mere discomforts—they transform into significant hindrances that impede daily activities. Such constant, nagging pain doesn't just linger; it significantly disrupts your life, demanding attention and resolution.


Discomforts or inconvenient pains resulting from lifestyle or daily habitual tasks. Needing a reset, re-energize, and opening of the body's energy flow. Lack of knowledge in establishing daily self care routines or specific practices to solve the lifestyle areas or habits causing the set back.


Your effort and consistent work has resulted in significant progress. Now you can build energy and strengthen the systems of the body. Growth toward generating internal power.


Your Mind is at peace and your body is fully functional. All your relationships flow no matter what the ups and downs being presented. Life is a balance exuding your internal state of energy and you can be present in the moment.

“I come to see Matthew every chance I get when I’m in town. Within the first 5 minutes of my first visit, he taught me the proper position of my feet in my ordinary stance. That simple change has made a huge difference in the alignment and strength of my body from my feet all the way up; and no more pronating ankles – a problem I had since childhood!

I had an accident and injured my knee – I walked in with a limp, and walked out feeling ready to march in a parade. His work relieved a GI problem that an expensive and invasive medical procedure failed to relieve. Sometimes it feels like during our session, my brain and my knees get back in touch with one another. Matthew’s holistic care has made me feel better in so many ways. I wish I had met him before I submitted to [that other irreversible procedure]…

Over the years, my body has accumulated lots of accidents and other physical and emotional challenges and traumas. Intuitively and with a caring touch, Matthew finds the remnants of those and reminds my body that it’s ok now, and the flow is restored. Through breathing, being present, and observing his work in my body, I am learning where the energy flows (or doesn’t), and where pain and emotion had been stored. And I learn a lot from our conversations, too.

I would recommend Matthew to anyone suffering from new injuries, old injuries, or chronic pain or illness of all kinds. I will continue to work with him when I can; because holistic health is a journey, and Matthew is like a wise and experienced guide. He’s a healer; he’s a teacher, and he and Dr. Lisa are good people!”     

-Melody M.     

Choose Your Phase Of The Healing Process?

Select the Icons Below to Determine Your Current Phase:

Fix It, Maintenance, Growth-Upgrade, or Perfect Condition?


Issues such as persistent pain, misalignments, organ and endocrine disorders, along with relentless headaches, become more than mere discomforts—they transform into significant hindrances that impede daily activities. Such constant, nagging pain doesn’t just linger; it significantly disrupts your life, demanding attention and resolution.


Discomforts or inconvenient pains resulting from lifestyle or daily habitual tasks. Needing a reset, re-energize, and opening of the body’s energy flow. Lack of knowledge in establishing daily self care routines or specific practices to solve the lifestyle areas or habits causing the set back.


Your effort and consistent work has resulted in significant progress. Now you can build energy and strengthen the systems of the body. Growth toward generating internal power.


Your Mind is at peace and your body is fully functional. All your relationships flow no matter what the ups and downs being presented. Life is a balance exuding your internal state of energy and you can be present in the moment.

“Through my own training as a chiropractor, I can say with confidence, that Matthew has an in-depth understanding of how the muscles, fascia, nervous system and emotions all work as one. Digging deep into the root causes of pain and inflammation should be everyone’s main goal in healing. Pick Matt as part of your tools for recovery and optimizing your health!”

Ryan Goris

Chiropractor Massage Review

“Matt is quite knowledgable, easy to talk to, and massively effective at his job as bodywork/healer.  Total believer now in his methodology, speaking as both his patient and as a Western-trained physician. Will make it a habit tog go back and recommend to others, including patients.“

Jeffrey Rouse

Medical Doctor Massage Review

How do you achieve a healthy life?

Achieving a healthy life is a daily pursuit built from healthy habits and knowledge of what works applied from experience. 

The mind, body, food, and nerves all require attention and cultivation. Meditation for the mind, chi kung for the nerves, eastern bodywork and massage for the body, and nutrition knowledge are all needed for a balanced understanding of the body and mind connection. Each element plays a pivotal role in crafting a holistic approach to health. By nurturing a resilient mindset, embracing physical activity, making conscious dietary choices, and managing stress, we can lay the foundations for a life marked by vitality and well-being.

The journey to health is both personal and universal, requiring attention and action in these key areas to realize our full potential for a balanced and healthy life.

The Holistically Healthy Life

Calming the Storm, Understand about Nerves

The nervous system, a barometer of stress and anxiety, can increasingly be taxed by life’s pressures if you are not prepared. Global events, economic uncertainties, and personal challenges have contributed to what can be described as a pandemic of anxiety.

Recognizing the impact of stress on the nervous system is vital. Adopting practices that promote relaxation and stress management, such as mindfulness, meditation, and chi kung, can restore balance and well-being to the nervous system. To learn properly is to find your balance and gain a reset. 

A Bridge To Natural Healing And Holistic Knowledge

Food: Nourishment for Life

“You are what you eat” reflects the critical role of diet and nutrition in maintaining health. Today’s challenge lies in navigating a landscape filled with toxins and processed foods that can compromise organ health. Making informed choices about what we consume is crucial. A diet rich in whole, nutrient-dense foods supports the body’s natural detoxification processes and provides the energy and nutrients needed for optimal function.

Learning from Life’s Experiences

Every experience—be it joyous or difficult—carries valuable insights. Embracing these moments fully allows us to grow spiritually and emotionally, moving closer to our next higher purpose.  We do not fail at life unless we do not try at all.  All failure is learning.  

What does the word FAIL mean? 

It means your first attempt in learning.  

Are You Ready To Be Living Your Higher Purpose?

Embracing your higher purpose is a transformative process that leads to holistic healing, profound personal growth, and a deeper connection with the universe. It’s a journey filled with challenges, learning, and boundless joy once achieved. We know because we have walked many paths to arrive at the internal door to return home.  Once outside, forever internal.

Embracing Your Higher Purpose

Discovering your higher purpose can transform how you heal, live, and connect with the universe. This journey is not just about overcoming physical challenges but also about achieving personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Your purpose throughout life can change as you succeed or learn certain needed lessons to elevate your mind.  This is where we look to take it higher when it comes to your healing and purpose. 

Finding Clarity in Your Path

The quest for a higher purpose often begins at a crossroads in life where healing old wounds, both physical and emotional, becomes essential. Here, meditation and spiritual practices serve as guides, illuminating the path towards self-discovery and harmony. There’s an increasing understanding among individuals about the importance of seeking clarity through actively addressing unresolved matters, whether personal or within the family dynamic.

The Power of Meditation

Meditation is a cornerstone of spiritual growth, offering a moment to pause, reflect, and align with one’s deepest intentions. It cultivates an awareness of our inner spirit and the energy that flows through us, connecting us to the universe. The connection to self in order to feel is a tandem to accessing the universe. 

Aligning with Your True Self

To align with your true self is to understand your life purpose and the values that guide you. It’s about finding coherence between your actions and your spiritual and personal growth goals.Upon gaining clarity about one’s true self and identity, activities that resonate at a lower vibration and

The Role of Holistic Practices in Natural Medicine Holistic Healing 

Holistic healing encompasses various practices, from reiki to energy healing, designed to harmonize the soul, mind, and body. These practices acknowledge the interconnectedness of our physical state with our spiritual and emotional well-being.

Reiki: Channeling Universal Energy

Reiki is a form of energy healing that taps into the universe’s life force to promote healing and balance. This is a first level to energy by moving it around and the goal of energy transference must come from pushing and pulling energy through a body requiring self generation. 

Embracing Energy Healing

Energy healing practices recognize that health is influenced by the subtle energy fields around and within us. Balancing these energies leads to significant improvements in physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Depression comes from the lack of energy flow possible in a body whereas when energy is present it is expansive, the opposite of energy being depressed.  

Growth Through Challenges

One client referred to a series, “    “ and the premise of the show communicates life is about solving a series of problems and then you pass ways.  Life does present many obstacles to overcome. Life’s challenges are opportunities for growth and healing. They push us to discover new strengths, deepen our spiritual understanding, and re-evaluate our direction in life.

The Wisdom of the Soul

Our soul carries profound wisdom about our higher purpose and life purpose. Ninety percent of our DNA is where this soul experience is stored with all the gifts and knowledge embedded in us. Having an experienced teacher in energy can unlock the dormant DNA for you to access your true self of old. This is beneficial as listening to the soul’s whispers can guide us through challenges, helping us discover the lessons they hold.

Connecting with the Universe

Our relationship with the universe is central to understanding our higher purpose. Recognizing ourselves as part of a larger whole can transform our perspective on healing and growth.  We are offered many opportunities to see ourselves in others each day we seek to be a better person while using discernment in our interactions. 

Higher Purpose Healing Ancira Natural Medicine Holistic Healing

Natural Medicine Holistic Healing

Awareness of the Cosmic Flow

Tuning into the universe’s rhythms helps us understand the cycles of growth, healing, and renewal in our lives. This cosmic awareness brings a deeper appreciation for every moment and our place within the grand tapestry of existence. There is an opportunity to join the flow, be in the flow, and go with the flow.  When enough energy is generated and one is in alignment with purpose, the flow becomes your will.

Spiritual Alignment with Universal Energy 

Aligning our energy with the universe facilitates a seamless flow of divine guidance and healing. It’s about opening ourselves to the support and wisdom the cosmos offers. Someone is always listening and watching and we are here to do the same. 

Embracing the Journey of Personal Growth

Personal growth is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation. It’s about becoming the best version of ourselves—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The desire to grow and seek to understand is enough to begin. 

The Path to Self-Discovery

Discovering our higher purpose is a voyage that invites us to explore our deepest desires, confront our fears, and align our lives with our true essence. It’s a journey of becoming more authentically ourselves.  

Cultivating Joy and Happiness 

Joy and happiness are not just emotions but states of being that arise from living in alignment with our higher purpose. They infuse our daily lives with meaning and inspire us to continue our spiritual path.  Your emotional state serves as a reliable indicator of whether you are in harmony with your life’s path.

Holistic Medicine is the Future.

Holistic medicine takes time to understand and a practitioner of holistic medicine must learn from experience having received hands-on healing from a traditional teacher educated in the old ways of healing.  Medicine and holistic do not always go together however when the healing happens holistic therapies are considered real natural medicine. 

Holistic healthcare is what the future holds for the United States who are behind the advancements of other countries. The German medical system approaches medicine and holistic practices to serve their people and insurance pays. 

Oriental Medical.

Traditional Chinese medicine and eastern medicine knowledge is not widely found throughout the United States. Seeking various types of therapy to solve chronic pain, organ failure, and mental function requires the holistic approach which is in alignment with the Eastern Medicine model. 

Western therapy tends to be linear and designed to fit only the symptom into a self contained and insurance driven system.

Natural Medicine Holistic Healing is the option that we feel serves us best.  

Holistic Medical the Dream
Natural Healing Methods

Nature is natural and offers all the holistic healing and holistic treatment required for the body to heal itself naturally.  But what if the body has injury or trauma, can the body heal without conventional medical care?  No one can answer this question because each individual will have a unique set of circumstances.  

The physical and emotional health of a person determines how quickly a person can take control over their health in the long term and short term.  Where medicine involves understanding how to achieve optimal health one way, the part of a holistic approach realizes that the person themselves is in fact the medicine.  

Under certain circumstances the western world is a life saver and for this we are grateful.  We need both systems however western medicine could be reduced to around 25% as required should knowledge of natural health be widespread. However this would require the people to change how they live and view health at large and a return to nature.  

Without harmony with the outside the inside is in chaos.  This is true of both our personal worlds and the world at large.  As a remedy to chaos, we go inside to cultivate the natural cure so the outside can benefit.  

To blame any system or person, event or thing is a waste of energy.  To stay a victim of circumstance is to deny one’s own power.  What we can do is work on ourselves and gain knowledge so inside the peace can reside.  And it is here at higher purpose healing that we focus on the natural cure and support those in our community wishing to walk the holistic medicine path. 

Western Medicine

Whereas western medical care has been presented throughout history as the authority, the United States is ripe for an overhaul. The holistic approach to healthcare and overall health for the patient looking at the whole person is designed to treat the whole is the type of holistic medicine that is needed in America and all of the Americas.   

The principles of holistic health and wellness empower the individual and provide hope, solutions, and alternative therapies to solve obstacles.  Environment both internal and external are basic principles of holistic medicine for the body to heal.    

The holistic doctor may not be a traditional MD however whether they are a combination of medical doctor or naturopathic doctor using complementary and alternative, integrative medicine is the way western doctors can evolve and approach medicine as if every person has a life that is not about process and regulations. And each person has natural healing abilities.  

When cases are severe western medicine is used and can be important for solving acute problems.  It is understood that the medical doctors are specialized or focused in specific realms to address health issues.  

People who require alternative medicine solutions are seeking therapy that looks beyond what medical school currently teaches.

In traditional medical school, the doctor of medicine may provide medical treatments they are told need to be given.  It is only when a doctor considers natural medicine as an option and takes the time to study on their own accord forms of holistic medicine will the United States transform within the system, one doctor at a time. 

Imagine a western medical school in America that uses natural remedies to help a person’s health.  Could the entity sustain financial stability long term?  When evaluating the health history of a patient their personal health or emotional health is not where medicine focuses today.  Why? 

What keeps you healthy? Is it your mindset or is it your lifestyle?  Or is it your doctor? 

Growing up we only went to the doctor if it was necessary.  Seeing the dentist may have been the only annual checkup.  The way of care today has changed drastically. 

Do you go to the doctor when you are well or only when you are sick?  Checkups are a part of wellness yet do you know or have you been taught how to check on yourself to ensure you stay well in the long term?  

The one size fits all therapy provides pills and surgery as the first line of defense more often than not. Therapy yielding holistic healing must include alternative medicine, a holistic health mindset, and include energy as a base for change yielding healing. Within the eastern model there are many complementary therapies to serve the seeker of health and understanding. 

Herbal medicine cannot be patented and therefore is overlooked as a first solution.  Acupuncture is widely known as an alternative medicine practice, yet there are far more powerful practices that are rooted in our innate ability to generate energy and thus heal when applied in even massage therapy. Conventional medicine knows little to nothing about energy healing.

Comparing Traditional Oriental and Holistic Health Approaches to Western Medicine: Which is More Effective?”

Ideally we would call the future health system, holistic medical and everyone would find answers and education to illness through many proven holistic practices.  

The approach to medicine today is being questioned all across America by those licensed to practice medicine.  More and more doctors are turning to naturopathic medicine as a way to offer complementary and alternative medicine options to patients desperate for help.  

The results speak for themselves.  One can observe the construction of hospitals throughout all major cities increasing. 

Where patients are finding solutions and improvement in their health conditions experiencing a reduction in illness it would make sense to need fewer hospitals and urgent care facilities not more.  However the measurement of the natural remedies provided from the naturopathic approach are fewer in number to measure leaving a disparity and over shadowing of the former.

One must seek to find holistic healing, chinese medicine, a naturopathic doctor, and an experienced practitioner to treat the whole.